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Dirks LEGO® Globe 6 color versions
Dirks LEGO® World Map

Welcome to - Home of the LEGO® Globes and other earth-related creations.


Here you can get your own LEGO® Globe and your own LEGO® World Map - pieces of art for display and geography purposes!

The creations on this website are my own creations (MOCs) and can be purchased as instructions. The LEGO® Globes can additionally be purchased as building sets or completely built-up models.


Take a look and get inspired for your very own building experience!

Dirks LEGO® Globe at home
Dirks LEGO® Globe at home

Dirks LEGO® World Map while building
Dirks LEGO® World Map closeup top right

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Dirks Globe

The mission

My mission for a LEGO® Globe was to create an accurate brick-built version of our earth combined with a pleasing look and an enjoyable building experience. In short:


A true eye-catcher for display and geography purposes!


It all started back in 2011, when I began with brainstorming and research for this project. After getting in touch with digital design, testing different construction options and building prototypes I created my first globe in 2012. Since then I optimized the look and structure of the globe (including breaks for other projects) until I finally made the different versions available on this website in 2019.


About topography

A very important purpose of a globe is to provide information about topography. So the globe is designed as precise as possible in terms of topography. Every 'pixel' (or brick) has been considered from different viewing angles to get the best possible result.

comparison of the LEGO® globe with the 'real' world
comparison of the LEGO® globe with the 'real' world

Design decisions

A sphere alone does not make a 'real' globe. So I created a stand in the same brick-built style, to make the whole globe visually more appealing. The sphere can be rotated completely within the stand - just like in most other globes.


The globe has a brick-built inner structure made from red bricks to make it as sturdy as possible. You could roll the sphere on the floor if you like to - although I do not recommend this :-) The support structure is not visible from the outside.


There are 6 different color versions of the globe with additional color choices for the stand in some models to satisfy different display purposes and individual preferences.

Building the globe

Along with all globes comes an easy to follow and detailed printed step-by-step-instruction. The instruction was designed to make the building process as simple and straightforward as possible. You can mainly built the sphere and the stand layer by layer. So you will have a relaxing yet exciting experience creating the globe brick by brick.


You can also purchase a completely built up globe ready for display, if you like to.

building instruction sample pages
building instruction sample pages
building the globe
building the globe

Don't miss the chance to get your very own LEGO® Globe!

Dirks LEGO® Globe all versions

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