About dirksbricks.com


I'm Dirk and the owner of this website. Nice that you are here! :-)


Building with LEGO® bricks has always been fun for me - starting in my early childhood and making a little break during my 'dark ages'. The birth of my children made me rediscover the  great potential of LEGO® bricks and so I started building my own creations (MOC's) as an adult. With additional inspiration from my wife I got the idea of building earth-related LEGO® creations. Some of the results can be seen on this site.

My creations are designed to make the building process as easy as possible and the final product as flawless as possible.


I will probably add more creations to this shop in the future. So make sure to check back from time to time.


In the meantime: stay curious, have fun and create your world - brick by brick! :-)

Dirks LEGO® Globe GIF

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